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Peace of Mind…

Is our commitment to you and your child the moment you join the Child Care of Brandon family. Our current location is in the heart of Brandon (@ Brandon Town Center) and our NEWEST location is in progress at Bloomingdale/Providence (@ Bloomingdale). We are very proud to provide the most innovative facilities and effective educational programs for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We offer the highest standards of child care and education at an affordable price.

Transparency & Live Nanny Cam = Peace of Mind
We believe a parent’s peace of mind is priceless… Therefore, at Child Care of Brandon we have taken open door transparency and peace of mind to the next level. Not only are you always welcome to visit your child in person at any time without notice; check in on your child at anytime, from anywhere remotely using any device with internet connectivity.

Child Care of Brandon offers a free live streaming Nanny Cam service which securely allows only registered parents and their immediate family to watch their child remotely at any time. 

Teachers, Classrooms, Nurture, & Dynamic Learning
We believe that learning is the magic which occurs when a child’s natural abilities to discover, explore, imagine and create is nurtured, encouraged and celebrated by skilled educators. Our staff of highly trained and skilled teachers are dedicated to nurturing and empowering your child to reach his or her full potential while having fun! Our staff of state certified professionals frequently exceeds all state requirements with ongoing training; additionally our team is committed to seeking, mastering and incorporating the latest proven educational tools and technologies into our curriculum to ensure your child is always one or more steps ahead. Our staff is also trained in First Aid/CPR, Infectious Disease Control, Injury Prevention, and Child Abuse Awareness. Staff members undergo reference checks and thorough background screening based on state and/or local licensing requirements. This includes fingerprinting and criminal background checks, as well as verification of educational credentials. Employees who transport children undergo a thorough driving history check.

Our classrooms are warm and inviting, open concept, well lit, with lots of room and activities for your child to discover and explore. This design encourages creativity, independence and organic learning through discovery while empowering teachers to nurture, celebrate,engage and supervise your child in a variety of stimulating settings

Safety and security is always a #1 priority for us. We offer a new building designed and constructed in mid-2015 with ALL the latest in safety and security.

Our facility has the following protocols to ensure safety:

  • 24/7 In/Out Door Video surveillance
  • Life safety planning and evacuation drills
  • State of the art student/parent monitoring software with photos and biometric screening
  • Staffed front desk
  • Secure Lobby entrance which requires a PIN number to gain access to the building. Additional parent enrollment access is required to go beyond the lobby area
  • Visitor Precautions. Strict Photo ID visitor protocol
  • Daily Safety checks are performed for the building, classrooms, and playgrounds


We understand the importance of cleanliness. It is critical to the health and well being of all who enter into our facility. More importantly, we understand the impact that a sick child can have on a household. We have high health and food safety standards to minimize the spread of germs and illness.

Our standard include but are not limited to:

  • Strong hand washing and diaper changing procedures
  • Strong food safety, preparation and storage protocols

  • In house washer and dryer

  • Infant clean room standards

  • All surfaces, toys and equipment in each room are disinfected on a frequent basis

  • If a child should become sick, they are separated from the healthy children

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